About us

OPTIKO s.r.o. is a family building company. It was created  on the traditions of the private building company from 1924, which operated in construction up to 1948, when it was nationalised.

In the Kozáček family, building is a tradition to which four generations of builders and civil engineers have devoted themselves. The beginnings of this date back well into the last century, as this family company is built on the traditions of a private family construction company founded in 1924.

Visions and Aims

The long-term vision of the company is to provide investors with a comprehensive portfolio of services and thereby help to implement the goals and investment aims of even the most demanding clients. Our long experience and perfect knowledge of the market has been helping us fulfil this vision for decades.

Our company has been developing and growing for years, it has had to overcome many obstacles, undoubtedly including its nationalisation. The traditions values however have remained preserved in this company.

Portfolio of activities

Basic values of the company

Fair approach
Our approach to investors is as to partners, we communicate openly and seriously.

We approach each contract with maximum responsibility, our aim is a satisfied investor.

Providing services at a highly professional level is our most important priority.